Polyamide resins are produced from the reaction of dimerized and trimerized fatty acids with polyamines. We manufacture Polyamide Resins and trade chemical products on customer demand. We also manufacture adhesives & heat resistant sheets. Polyamides are versatile curing agents for epoxies. They are pleasant to handle, are compatible with many resins, and their mixing ratio with resin is not critical. Fairly long pot life is possible. It yields casting with good impact strength—excellent adhesion to many different substrates. Sometimes polyamides are regarded as flexibilities as well as curing agents. Polyamide Adducts provide good compatibility and better cure under adverse conditions than standard polyamides without induction time.

General Performance

  • Good flexibility & toughness. Long working life before gelation. Good water & Corrosion resistance. Low toxicity

  • Wide range of compatibility with epoxies Low shrinkage on cure and exceptional dimensional stability

  • Excellent resistance to mechanical impact or shock high flexural, compressive, and tensile strength. Exceptional resistance to thermal shock

  • Good electrical resistance. Excellent adhesion and bonding to a wide variety of materials

  • Good machinability Possibility for a wide range of properties – from hard and strong, to soft and resilient on the other.

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