Aliphatic Amines are usually low viscosity, fast curing, and good chemical resistors to the applied system. It is usually, however, modified to avoid problems caused by the objectionable volatility of such amines. By pre-reacting, the amine with part of the epoxy resin formed Polyamine Adduct. The adduct polyamine reduced blushing tendency during cure of films, reduced toxicity, and volatility. When modified, the range of products is very high with varying properties. The aliphatic polyamine cured system is resistant to attack by alkalies, solvents, and/or some inorganic acids; they have less resistance to most organic acids. We are the known providers of Aliphatic Amines with high quality price ratio having vast potential applications in several industrial areas.

General Performance

  • Developed to improve certain characteristics such as pot life, faster cures, and easier handling

  • Can tolerate short term exposure at high temperatures

  • Excellent cured resin physical characteristics, including chemical and solvent resistance. Excellent resistance to aqueous alkali

  • Low viscosity, good long term retention of properties

  • Strong organic acids such as acetic acids are not recommended solvent resistance is good

  • Low hygroscopicity

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