Fiberglass Window Shed

Who We Are

Fiberglass Shed is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass products for industrial and domestic purposes in Pakistan. Along with installation of fiberglass shed in different locations of Pakistan we also supply raw materials.

Our Services

Fiberglass Shed Roof Design

Green Fiberglass Shed

We are the leading organization to provide our precious clients with optimum quality fabrication services & green fiberglass shed in Pakistan. We have strong; relocatable garden sheds available in a range of sizes & different designs.

Orange and White Fiberglass Shed

Fiberglass PVC Sheds

Our multiwall and corrugated fiberglass PVC sheds are an effective alternative to traditional glazing in a wide variety of applications. We have been serving the global market demands with a matchless range that has helped us be a leading manufacturer.

Sky blue Fiberglass Shed

Fiberglass Canopy

We use advanced manufacturing techniques to make Fiberglass Canopy with different designs on demand, and canopies provide an attractive addition to the front of your property.

Our Products

aromatic amines

Aromatic Amines

Aromatic amine cured systems find usage mainly in tank linings primer maintenance coating in corrosive environments.

standard liquid epoxy resin
Standard Liquid Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is used in the manufacturing of glues, paints, adhesives, plastics, and in coating floors. It has many industrial uses as well.

Polyamide Resins

Polyamide Resin

Polyamides are produced from the reaction of dimerized and trimerized fatty acids with polyamines. They have a fairly long pot life.

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